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Dear Residents of Loveland:


Over the last four years I have been honored to serve as your City Councilwoman.  Local government has the greatest impact on each of us because we are directly affected by our local leaders. The job of Council member requires someone willing to commit to working hard, devoting time and energy, and doing much more than simply attending two meetings a month. I am willing to make that commitment again as I run for re-election.  I have drawn on my executive, organizational and volunteer experience to work on your behalf. With your support, I can continue to offer this expertise and knowledge of City operations to build upon the successes and positive growth we have recently seen in Loveland.  I am sure you all lead busy lives with many responsibilities. You want a voice in what happens in local government and you want a person who will REPRESENT your interests. I will LISTEN to your concerns, LEARN from your experience and be RECEPTIVE to your advice. I am willing to go the extra mile–that is what I have always done and will continue to do for you. I appreciate and thank you for your vote on November 3rd so that we may continue to make a difference!






Countdown to elections